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August Birch

Helping writers & creators gain freedom through their best work

Hello, I’m August Birch

AKA the Book Mechanic. I’m a ‘Top 1,000’ Medium writer (and a regular writer), artist, designer, pro-marketer, fourth-generation woodworker, tattooer, reader of things, Eagle Scout, one-time marathon runner, holder of two black belts, husband, father, brother, son, friend, tinkerer, thinker-er, scatterbrain, and creator.

My business card should come on a…

The difference between your work and your job

Your job is what you do, but your work is who you are

That quote has stuck my entire adult life. 25 years ago my college professor said this as an attempt to convert wide-eyed students from simple cogs in the cubicle machine, to true artists — no matter their…


Medium reads are tumbling like a hot rock from a bare hand. We can’t count on Medium income to pay the bills anymore. Instead, I just published this story.

Inside, is a three-point plan to help ease your dependence on the partner program and build your creative practice to something more-independent you own and control.

Medium is a great place to build a following… away from Medium.

If you want your creative practice to rock and roll in 2022, it’s time to spend the winter working on the three things I outline in my latest story.

In your service,
August Birch (AKA the Book Mechanic)

P.S. Here’s a link to that story once more.

A 3-point plan that takes no more than a couple hours a day

If we’ve learned anything from the past couple years, it’s that if we want to thrive as creatives we must take control of our financial future. This means NOT relying on any one platform for our main source of income.

This includes Medium.

While I love and support Medium (I’m…

Conviction in your work will help you earn a lot more money. The number one thing that all successful writers and creators must adopt is conviction in your work. If…

How to become ‘the only’ in your customer’s mind. If you’re a writer or creator and you want more from your practice, adopt the strategy of being ‘the only.’ This…

The secret to a one-person creative empire. Your definition of empire is likely different than mine, but if you want to sustain yourself from your creative work, there’s a key…

Your one-person, creative, digital empire is waiting for you. If you want to gain freedom from your creative practice, not only is it possible, it’s also scalable as big as…

Yes, Medium payments are tanking, but here’s why it doesn’t matter. I can see how frustrated my fellow Medium writers are with whatever is happening at headquarters. Writing income is tanking here. Period. Although I now have more than 13,000 followers, this will be my second lowest-paid Medium month since I started in 2018. And the first-lowest was only half a month, since it was the month I began.

But it’s OK if the payments go to zero. Why? Because your audience spends their time here. If you serve some of the people who congregate on Medium you’ve got baked-in attention. All in once place. All you have to do is make sure you build your own email list and add a little link at the bottom of everything you write.

We’re waiting for you.

— August Birch

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I just published this story.

If you feel stuck, or that the old way of working isn’t moving the needle anymore, click this story. Inside I share a little story about pouring coffee and doing your best work daily.

In your service,

August Birch (AKA the Book Mechanic)

P.S. Here’s a link to that story once more.

August Birch

Indie Creator | Top 1,000 Medium Writer | Marketing Strategies | Tap for My Free, Tribe 1K Email Masterclass:

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