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I uncovered this gem by accident

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I’m a content junkie. I read 100 books a year. I watch hundreds of hours of YouTube videos and thousands of hours of audio. Most of what goes in doesn’t stick. I do other things while I consume much of this content.

…but sometimes you get a lightning bolt.

This story is one of those. Now I share it with you. This is the story of one silly notebook.

As a fairly far-introvert (no idea what to call it… severe, left of center… who knows), I live in my head a lot. I juggle ideas constantly. I’ve got 50 balls…

There’s nothing more repelling…

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There’s a rampant problem everywhere I look. Good-natured writers and creators who are trying to do their best by building a list. But these folks get in the way of their own success.

Instead of enticing new members of their tribe, these people repel them.


“But August, you’re the email guy. Why on Earth would tell people not to encourage people to join their email list?”

Because no one wants to be on some list.

We are individual humans with individual wants and needs — as varied as the day is short. While you MUST build an email list…


I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a huge drop in my Medium traffic lately. But instead of jumping-ship like many writers, who see the greener pastures in places like Newsbreak (sp?), I’m not going anywhere.

Instead of chasing readers and trying to please gatekeepers we can use our Medium traffic to build our own tribe.

Here’s today’s story that covers what to do if Medium ‘cancels’ you.

In your service,

August Birch (AKA the Book Mechanic)

P.S. If you a dedicated content creator? Here’s $50 towards my NEW ‘Content Quickstart’ program.

…and what NOT to do

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There’s something afoot here. Not sure what, as I’ve got no insight into the inner-curtain of Medium. But the algorithm changed a lot. While I realize I write for a tiny niche of a sub-niche, which brings with it smaller crowds, I used to pull an audience.

Now, most days my stats read like I started on Medium yesterday.

…but this is the opposite of a ‘why me?’ story.

This is a story of hope, perseverance, and gumption (damn that’s such a good word — gumption).

Since I can’t look under the hood there isn’t much to say about the…

You don’t even have to pick up the phone

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As indie creators we only have so much time to promote our work. Whether you paint, make, code, or write, if you don’t tell the others your best work hardly exists.

I struggled with self-promotion over the past 20 years I’ve spent. We can pay for ads or we can pay for marketing with our time.

I’m a grinder, so I chose time.

Also, I like to own my traffic.

Originally, I wrote for one of those article mills, cranking out dozens of articles a week for pennies per hour.

This was before the days of Medium — long before.


I just finished a couple new stories today and figured they might help your creative practice.

Take a look.

1. You Can Still Earn Money on Medium in 2021… Just Not Like That

2. How to Live Your Best Life as A Writer-Creator

In your service,

August Birch (AKA the Book Mechanic)

Here’s what to do instead

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Medium has been a traffic slump for me this year, but I haven’t changed my plan, because I still believe Medium is a great place to store all your content ‘eggs’ in one basket.

The partner program can be an emotional roller-coaster as of late.

There are writers who’ve been here much longer than me, all wondering what’s going on in the control room. It’s as if they turned off the reader faucet, and hand-selected the stories they wish to promote, regardless of a writer’s history on the platform.

So, there’s one thing you can count on with the partner…

The daily practice, not the endgame

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I’ll never forget the day everything clicked. I was really upset with my day job. I took off at lunch to sit in a park, at the edge of a lake. As I stared at the lake I thought about all the mistakes I made — where I took a wrong turn and how to correct my life.

As a creative person it’s hard to appreciate the moments when life goes right.

There’s so much self-loathing baked into a creative pursuit, it’s hard to appreciate the current life you have — to forgive yourself for mistakes and choices of the…


Here’s a new story I published today.

As a writer-creator, we all know how important it is to build a steady stream of new people interested in our work. We must tell the others if we want to keep our indie businesses alive.

However, when you create content without a plan, content-generation will eat all your available time. This is a rut where I got stuck for years. I spent most of my free time ‘telling the others’ and had little time left to do my actual work.

This little story about creating content faster, will help.

The method…

You can write both well and quick…with a little help

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I used to write content for an article mill. The quality of my writing tipped the needle between mediocre and poor. We got paid per piece. There was a certain word count window required (both minimum and maximum). Each story had to be submitted and approved. I wrote approximately 1,500 articles in a year and a half and never made more then $900 a month doing it.

I figured I earned between $2-$10 per hour writing those articles. …

August Birch

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