Done is better than perfect. Instead of trying to write and re-write a single article, write five first drafts and publish them all.

There might be a few typos.

Some people will freak out.

Most will not.

The important part is getting your message out.

I have a different view of Medium than most. I look at it like a giant social media platform, where the Tweets are long-form articles.

When you live in a world of endless content, you can either spend your time getting better with the next story, or polishing a single story that only a small handful of people will see.

I’ve written almost 1,000 Medium stories in a year and a half. I’ve never outlined a single one. If I outlined and drafted I probably would’ve quit long-ago.

These stories aren’t permanent like a book. I’d suggest getting your message out, then immediately starting the next story. If you’ve got a glaring error, someone will point it out and you can always go back and edit.

Done is better than perfect.

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