Hi Craig, at a quick glance, I’d say the biggest issue is your titles. Scrolling through the first 30–50 stories, it’s very hard to tell what’s inside your article from the titles.

Try being more direct instead of clever. Many of these titles come across sounding like a journal entry versus an article that might give me new information I don’t know.

Every time I try to write a clever-sounding title I get really poor results.

You only get a second or two to grab your reader.

Even if you have a controversial topic, try to put a positive spin on it. Negative-sounding titles have never done well for me either. Most people would rather walk-away with an uplifting message.

Also be sure you follow the Medium title guidelines and include a subtitle with the correct formatting (the little t when you highlight and format the subtitle)

…probably more than you wanted to hear, but I hope that helps you get some more traffic.

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