How to Make a Living off Medium without Writing Yourself Crazy

There are more benefits to the platform than just paid stories

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As a writer on Medium it can turn into a hamster wheel fast. We get a little taste of extra monthly income. Then the income grows substantially. We recognize the need to keep publishing or we’ll lose our visibility. The wheel starts to turn. If we want the money to keep coming, we better keep writing.

But there’s a more profitable, long-lasting side to Medium most creators ignore.

We don’t have to depend on the content hamster wheel, crossing our fingers whether or not an article gets curated. There’s a great gate-keeping system here on Medium, but when we write to try and please the gatekeepers, the work can suffer and we’ll drive ourselves crazy.

There’s a better way to make more money over the long-term, while writing fewer frantic posts.

This is about your email list. Or your future email list. As creators we’ve got to own our content. We need to stand on our own two feet financially, and this includes not being beholden to any single platform.

I love Medium.

I can’t think of a more democratic place to write. I think their aggregated payment plan is genius and I hope this model is sustainable for years into the future.

But for most creators it’s not enough income.

We can get wrapped into an endless content treadmill where we ignore the rest of our writing as we chase stories to get more Medium views. The payments are a great additional income source, but email is a more-lasting way to develop a large income stream.

Your email list will provide an automated way to generate consistent income over time, and you can use the Medium platform to help you get there. Instead of worrying about making a few dollars per article, it’s time to build your list.

You are a media company

No matter how small you think you are. No matter how close to zero you start, you are a media company. You can spend your content creation time working for free, building a social following, or you can work to build your own media that will bring lasting income.

So, where’s Medium’s role in all this?

We’ll use our Medium content to direct readers to join our tribe. We don’t sell our content directly through Medium. Instead, we provide real value — tons of value — and provide our readers with an additional gift in exchange for their email address.

Email marketing is nothing new, but most creators are doing it wrong.

We beg people to join our newsletters, using other self-beneficial language. We don’t give enticing reasons why people should listen to our work. And once we do gain a subscriber, we don’t leave them with a reason to stick around.

Instead, we’ll build our list first. Then we’ll give them what they want.

Now you can’t just survey your readers and ask them. Most people know what they want but can’t articulate these wants in the form of a product. So, we get creative with our questions. Find out what they don’t want. We look at the quality of their responses and uncover a problem the affects at least eighty percent of our readers.

We find the problem. We build a test product.

We soft launch our beta product to a smaller audience. We then use the feedback from the soft launch to create the larger project and have a big launch. Our Medium readers slowly become our biggest fans.

We create content to build our own lists

Instead of writing every piece of content as a paid post, take time out to write list-building posts too. Entice your Medium audience to join you inside your lair — the list you control.

When we control our list we control our destiny.

Yes, this takes a long time. We’ve got to not only grow a list, but also write books, build courses, software, products and services to offer our customers. But once a subscriber is inside your environment, as long as you keep providing value she appreciates, you’ll keep that subscriber for life.

Everyone starts at zero.

You don’t need a giant list to make a good living from your email. You need a unique voice, a novel solution to a particular problem, and a way to show your subscriber how you‘ll take them from the situation they don’t enjoy now, to a new transformation down the road.

If you’re an indie writer, I’d like to invite you into the fray.

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