I Broke My Lifelong Habit of Chronic-Lateness and You Can Too

August Birch
5 min readNov 30, 2018

Being chronically-late affects everyone around us — more than we think

I broke my habit of chronic-lateness

Exactly 60 days ago I made a pledge to myself (and my son) to stop being chronically late. For most of my life I’ve been late to everything. It’s embarrassing, selfish, and depressing.

I was early for 60 days straight — first time in my life!

Being late didn’t make me more productive. I got worse.

I did everything at the last minute. I showed up to meetings as the guy who tip-toed in, opening and closing the door behind me, with the one-handed, queen wave and the mouthed ‘sorry.’

But none of the work stuff pushed me over the edge. I was just rude. My reputation at work wasn’t as big a deal to me as my integrity at home. My chronic lateness didn’t shift until my son broke-down crying after I made him miss the bus for the umpteenth time.

I felt so low. I mean, the lowest — rock-bottom. I was a piece of crap.

I was an addict to lateness. I tried to pack 100 pounds of activity in a three pound bag. And now my six-year-old son had to be the one to tell me to get over myself. I was humbled, embarrassed, and ashamed. I still am, but I’m…



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