Oh, gotcha. You’re welcome. Nope, you can send them straight to a landing page from Medium. That’s what I do. I barely use my website for much, because that’s not where the traffic is.

I use an email service called Mailerlite. When you use them you also get access to a ton of landing page templates (with their own sites, so you don’t have to maintain anything). Most email service providers do NOT have this landing page capapbility, so you have to self-host (and pay for) additional landing pages. Not so with Mailerlite.

You get 1,000 subs for free, forever, with Mailerlite, before you have to start paying. Plus you get the landing pages. It’s a really good deal and has a very intuitive interface. I believe they’re based in the Netherlands.

Here’s my affiliate link if you’re interested in using them. It won’t cost you anything extra to use it. Or, if you don’t want to click there, you can just search for Mailerlite in the old Googler.

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