Candy or Fire Extinguishers: Successful Products Cure Big Pains

No matter what you create, your product needs to cure a near-emergency

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All entrepreneurs want to cure pains for their customers. This is business 101. If you can’t solve a pain you don’t have a product. The pain doesn’t have to be physical or emotional. Organizing your desk properly can be a customer pain.

But there’s a deep difference between those who create successful products and those who launch duds.

The answer is extreme pain.

When you put all your time and effort into launching a new product or service — physical or digital — you want it to be a success. There’s nothing worse than high-expectations for a launch that turns into nothing more than a fizzle on the rocket stand.

There’s a simple test we can perform, long-before we become neck-deep in our life’s work.

By uncovering the level of pain your product relieves will help determine if your product will be a hit or a dud. While there are a thousand variables between the ideation and the sale — this one metric may make-or-break your business.

This is the difference between the success and debt.

The extreme pain metric

Will your product be an emergency purchase or a candy purchase? We need emergency solutions now. The house is burning. The sky is falling. Our stress-level is sky-high. We want the solution now and we don’t really care much about the price tag.

A candy purchase is a nice-to-have. Something like half the As Seen on TV section at Walmart.

In a fire, it’s a lot harder to sell candy than extinguishers. We might love candy, but the burning house is more urgent. I know I’m going a little deep with the metaphors here, but I hope you get the point.

When we solve an extreme pain the sale is 100X easier. All we have to do is say, “if you’ve got a problem with x, I’ve got the solution here.”

  • The content-creation is easier.
  • The case studies are easier to come by.
  • The testimonials are more-abundant to collect.
  • The sales results are much higher.
  • The price you can charge is higher.
  • The customers are more-engaged in the product.

The sales process is more human. You don’t have to hard-sell anything. All you need to do is send the right people to your offer.

Contrast an emergency pain solution to a candy offer. When you sell candy you’ve got to give the customer hundreds of lukewarm excuses and reasons why she should make the purchase, versus all the other choices available to her.

With an emergency pain solution you say, “here, I have this for you if you want this pain to be gone.”

Here’s the question we must ask ourselves before we start a new product or service: Does this product solve an emergency-level pain for the customer?

If the answer is “no,” try again.

If your product only solves a candy pain, you’re in for an uphill marketing battle, from which you may never recover.

There are emergency-level pains in every niche.

Your customer doesn’t have to bleed from her forehead to require an immediate solution.

Keep your customers coming back for more

A business is never built off the first sale. The best businesses never run out of things for their customers to buy.

If you’ve solved one critical problem for your customer, you’ve got a great opportunity to keep a customer for life.

Not only will you build a relationship with these fantastic people, but you can ask them, “what else?”

By surveying your readers in a strategic way, you can uncover new emergency pains that need solving.

The best way to continue your relationship with your customers is through the use of frequent, valuable, entertaining emails.

The people you serve are the perfect resource for additional sales.

If you want to build a list of the people you serve, so you can continue to offer them additional pain-relief, you’ll need an email list.

This should be a list you own (instead of relying on social media or some other big-business platform). Tap the link below. Enroll in my Tribe 1K indie email masterclass. I’ll show you how to get your first 1,000 subscribers (and your next 1,000) without spending one hot nickel on ads.

We’re waiting for you.

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August Birch (AKA the Book Mechanic) is both a fiction and non-fiction author from Michigan, USA. As a self-appointed guardian of writers and creators, August teaches indies how to make work that sells and how to sell more of that work once it’s created. When he’s not writing or thinking about writing, August carries a pocket knife and shaves his head with a safety razor.

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