Thank you for the thoughtful response. Sure, I’ll expound. It’s little more than personal taste. A writing style some readers prefer and some don’t. Definitely not a style for everyone. I prefer the direct, chopped style of Chandler, Hemingway, and many contemporaries, like Lee Child and David Levien.

This has little to do with playfulness, creativity, or personality, (as those are essential for all good writing), and more to do with the process of doing the work, deliberate word selection (removing five words when one will do), and the constant vigilance of the craftsman — to get better a little bit every day.

It’s a selfish pursuit. I’d like more writers to write this way, because this is the kind of writing I enjoy reading. This is the beauty of writing. Readers have equally-diverse tastes. I may not enjoy George R.R. Martin, because I don’t have the patience. But I recognize many people do. There’s room for all of it (and there should be), just not in the writing I prefer to do.

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