The Creator’s Secret to Selling MORE

Would You Buy What You’re Selling?

The Creator’s Secret to Selling MORE

We’re creators, hustlers, grinders, makers, and do-ers. Perhaps we’re one of the top-producers in our niche. But the world has changed. We can no longer interrupt our way to more customers. This is the age of doing MORE — and for the right reasons.

Just because we can bring something new into the world doesn’t mean we should. Sometimes we look to create MORE, because we’re worried our audience will leave us for something new and shiny.

There’s a danger with bringing more to the marketplace just to load our shelves and make the place look full. Sometimes we get sloppy. Sometimes we release work that shouldn’t be released yet. Sometimes we ask for money when we shouldn’t.

There’s a simple litmus test for bringing a new idea to market.

Maybe you’ve put your entire team on this new idea. Maybe you worked for three months bringing the project to fruition. You think you’ve got just the project to put your work on the map. You build a large marketing plan behind the idea. You try to build interest. The product falls flat. The audience walks away.

Would you buy your own work at full price?

No one is closer to your work than you. You know the product inside-out. No matter how amazing you may think your product, the question is: would you open your wallet to buy what you’re selling.

If the answer is no, or maybe not, there’s a good chance you should rethink your product.

We get so deep in the dirt we may not realize we’re building something people shouldn’t buy. Worse-yet, we know it and we do it anyway. There’s already too much over-choice. We’ve got more books than we can read, more apps than we can tap, more widgets than we can collect, and more clothing than we can wear.

It’s time to sit back and ask ourselves the hard question: Would we buy our own creation? When you speak about your work, or run any marketing piece, your passion for the work will show through in the marketing.

If you’re not willing to pay full price for your own work it’s time to make something you will. The excitement will bleed through into the work.

Create something you’d like to make whether you get paid or not. Give it away first and ask to get paid later. Your business can’t survive on marketing alone. You’ve got to have word of mouth to keep your work selling over a lifetime.

To generate word of mouth you’ve got to sell something you’d buy. And before we can do any selling, we’ve got to give first. See the post below:

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