What I Learned Writing an Entire Novel on My Phone

What I Learned From Writing a Novel on My Phone

That was the year I made an experiment that changed the way I write forever

Now, this wasn’t some novella, or short story. This was a full-length thriller — 70,000-plus words of paper and brawn. 40-plus chapters, and 376 pages of serious thumb typing.

The drawbacks of mobile writing:

  1. It’s slower than typing on a keyboard. Save for the slowest of typists, thumb typing is far slower than typing the old fashioned way.
  2. You get yanked in and out of your train of thought. This can be very hard on your creativity. When you move in and out of your story, it’s hard on your subconscious to get back to work.
  3. You’re rude in public. You’ll wait at lights too long, get called multiple times in waiting rooms, have cashiers and counter-workers look at you with disgust, and you’ll be a horrible guest at dinner parties.
  4. It’s a hard way to write if you require a lot of notes. Multiple windows are frustrating on phones. Clicking back and forth has it’s obvious negatives.

The benefits of mobile writing:

  1. Your mind is most-creative in motion. Traditional ways of writing are sedentary. When you move you get more ideas faster. With your phone in your hand you can quickly get the words out at the time of the thought.
  2. There are hundreds of small moments per day you can steal for writing time. This is time you can’t normally use with a laptop, because — well, laptop.
  3. More with less. The small writing moments force you to use your writing time more-efficiently.
  4. You can hit your daily word count without guilt. You can get three-four hours of writing done in a mobile day without taking time away from your family. It’s much harder to do with a laptop. When you’re a new writer it’s hard for your loved ones to understand what you’re doing, because you don’t have a finished book they can hold.

My Process

I’m a hybrid plotter/pantser — a plantser? A plotter is a writer who plans the novel out before she sits down to write. Some serious plotters create outlines so detailed the writing process is more about fleshing-out each bullet point.

How long did it take me?

I wrote the entire novel in about forty days — just over a month. I used a laptop for the final edits, cover design, and formatting. However, if you really want to be a maverick, you can run the entire publishing process on your phone, from cover design, to formatting, to uploading it to resellers. I can have books printed via my phone.

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